Aussies get the original version of Outlast 2 after all

Earlier this month, the horror survival game Outlast 2 was Refused Classification in Australia (effectively banned from sale or display). Then, the Australian Classification Board looked at a “modified” submission and granted it an R18+ rating. But it turns out that it wasn’t the game that was modified.

Outlast 2

Outlast 2

Developer Red Barrels made the statement that everyone across the globe would be getting the same version of Outlast 2 – that there would be no special “Australian Edition”. This raised the question of whether the entire world would be getting a modified version, with some of the scary stuff taken out.

Happily for everyone with an interest in survival horror, this is not the case. Red Barrels confirmed to us today that – in fact – the game build approved by the Australian Classification Board is exactly the same build as the one already approved by the UK’s PEGI and Germany’s USK.

According to the studio, the original submission to the Classification Board contained “the final game code and a video file for reference taken from an Alpha version of the game”. It’s standard practice to include videos like this, because – obviously – the Board cannot sit down and play through an entire video game before making a decision. However, in this case, the video was from an older build, and its content was “not representative of the final game”.

The Classification Board database clearly shows that the R18+ rated Outlast 2 is a “modified” submission. But, unlike most other entries in the database, it’s actually the submission that’s been modified.

The second submission featured exactly the same game code (again, the version that has already been approved by PEGI and USK), with an updated video file reflecting the final game content.

Red Barrels reaffirms: “There will be only one version of Outlast 2 available worldwide.” – and that doesn’t mean everyone else is getting an Australian edition.

Barring any more dramas, Outlast 2 is set for release on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC on April 26.

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