Overwatch’s Newest Hero Orisa is now live!

Overwatch’s newest hero Orisa has been released from the PTR and joins the game on PC, PS4 and Xbox One! Making her debut just over two weeks ago Orisa serves as the 24th member of Overwatch and gives players the choice of a new Tank/Support hero combo (known as an “anchor tank” by Blizzard). Wielding a Fusion Driver cannon, Orisa can attack from long range while using her Protective Barrier to shield team mates from harm. Her ultimate Supercharger ability boosts the damage output of all allies within line of sight, making her a valuable teammate when defending or attacking control points.

Orisa is currently available for all game modes except the competitive one, but only for the next week. Blizzard are giving players the chance to adjust with the new character while assessing the impact she will have on the game’s competitive meta. A short behind the scenes video also show cases the creation of Orisa’s character and how her design came together.

Along with the new hero in the patch are also the usual raft of balance adjustments to existing heroes. Some of the big changes:

  • Ana’s rifle damage has been reduced to 60 (from 80)
  • Zarya’s Barriers no longer prevent knockback attacks
  • Bastion while in Sentry or Tank Configuration mode now takes 20% less damage (formerly 35%) [this is for consoles – Xbox One and PS4]
  • Winston’s Barrier Projector cooldown begins on placement not when the barrier ends
  • Junkrat can no longer damage himself

Check the website for the full list of changes.

In other Overwatch news, game director Jeff Kaplan held an AMA on reddit last week in which he answered all sorts of questions from fans. Topics ranged from the history of Overwatch, to character creation to fielding questions on how to break into the games industry and creativity in general. I usually don’t follow the AMA’s on reddit but this one is well worth a read for anyone interested not only in Overwatch but also a perspective from the other side of the games industry. I think Jeff Kaplan has really done a good job of communicating with the Overwatch community and it’s nice to hear how much he appreciates all the cosplay, artwork and constructive feedback people give.

Posting on the forums Jeff has also mentioned the Overwatch team is also interested in pursuing the creation of a map maker. Although this is a long term goal for Blizzard, tools like these are what helps a game thrive post-launch while also harnessing the creativity of the playerbase. You only need to look at some of the recent fan art for Overwatch’s new hero to see some amazing creations that were inspired by the game.

Finally, Blizzard artists have released another one of their story tie-in comics for the Overwatch universe called Binary. This one features a chance encounter between everyone’s favourite murder turned hippy machine Bastion and the Swedish engineer Torbjorn. In the comic, the world is enjoying some peace and quiet after reeling from the aftermath of Omnic wars. However suddenly in Sweden, a wild Bastion appears! Attempting to calm the hysteria and calls for mob justice, Torbjorn volunteers to investigate the sightings of a metal intruder.

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