GDC 2017’s Zelda panel gets weird

Ah, the Game Developers Conference. A place of whimsy and wonder many of us could only imagine. I imagine it frequently, I like to imagine I’m there receiving nice free things from developers talking about their games. It’s pretty cool. But also wild fantasy. The same wild fantasy you might have heard when you were a kid, that whole “hey my uncle works at Nintendo and he said the next Zelda is gonna be in modern times and Epona is gonna be a motorbike!”



Well. Maybe not so much. Maybe that kid’s uncle did eventually make it to Nintendo because thanks to a couple of recent tweets, we’ve had a bit of a look into the strange world of concept development, straight from GDC 2017. Which is great if you’re like me and probably won’t have a Switch for a while, so you need Breath of the Wild information to keep you going.

As you can see, Link does indeed have a motorbike there. And a hoodie. And an electric guitar. It all gets pretty weird and I feel like I should have stumbled upon this at DeviantArt but, no, here it is. There’s even mention of alien invasions! One can only wonder what whimsy would come from that scenario. Or if we’ll ever see it revisited in the future.

But naturally, that wasn’t all we got from the Breath of the Wild talks at GDC. There was also some insight into the actual Breath of the Wild, not the hip guitar wielding bike riding wild. It was originally developed in 2D, kind of similar to the 8 bit titles of old, and used as a roadmap to create the final product. But a little bit fancier and smoother than anything a NES could ever run.

Hopefully this is enough to keep the Switchless of you sated for a little while longer.

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