Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands open beta starts tonight

Didn’t get in to the Ghost Recon Wildlands closed beta, or just didn’t have time to fully plumb its depths? Then it’s good news! Ubisoft is opening the beta up to everyone starting tonight and running through to Monday night.

If you did play in the closed beta there’s a good reason to return, with a new region being available for play this time around. Open beta players will start in the Itacua province, home to gentle hills, farms and ambush zones, and can then move on to the Montuyoc province, which is a lot more mountainous. And the bad dudes are a lot better armed.

Ghost Recon Wildlands is a huge, open world game set in the near future where players do battle with the Santa Blanca cartel, a criminal group that has taken control of Bolivia. The country is the largest cocaine producer in the world and you’re part of a four man squad tasked with destroying the cartel, by any means necessary.

Gamers can customise their character’s look and gear, from gender to gadgets, guns to glasses. Play solo, with AI offsiders, or recruit up to 3 friends to join you. Approach targets stealthily or roll up on them in a tank. It’s all up to you.

We’ll be checking the beta out ourselves and may have some thoughts to share afterwards.

If you’re jumping in over the weekend and want to share strategies, or find some friendly folk to play with, maybe jump in the community Discord channel here or hop on the forum thread. The community has a few people who played in the closed beta and a few picking it up for the first time.

Official start times for the open beta are as follows:

  • AEDT (Sydney, Melbourne) – 10pm
  • AEST (Brisbane) – 9pm
  • ACDT (Adelaide) – 9.30pm
  • ACST (Darwin) – 8.30pm
  • AWST (Perth) – 7pm

If you can’t work it out from that, find out what time it starts in your timezone. If you’re in one of the above timezones and it’s wrong, let us know. Math is hard!


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