Civilization VI finally complete with addition of Australia

Civilization VI was already a fabulous new take on the classic formula, with fans and critics alike generally praising its release last October, apart from one glaring omission.

Australia! Firaxis are finally addressing this most grievous issue and will be adding the best country in the world… “soon”. The new Civ will be added in as a premium DLC pack alongside the “Australian Summer Update“.

Australia’s leader will be the 14th Prime Minister of Australia, John Curtin. PM Curtin was in office from 1941 to 1945, during the height of World War II, when Australia was facing invasion by the Japanese.

What a charming, urbane fellow. For a Western Australian.

Australia also gets a number of unique bonuses and a special unit, the Digger. The first look trailer really shows off how much research Firaxis has put into bringing Australia to life for the game.

Australia’s unique ability, “Land Down Under”, plays off the nation’s major population centers all being on the coast of the country, with cities settled on a shoreline getting extra housing. Though it seems the first city will be named Canberra, which isn’t on a coast at all!

This isn’t the first time Australia has appeared in a Civilization title, with modders adding it to Civilization 5 back in 2014, but it’s good to see Aussies getting an official and exceptionally good looking version of themselves to play with.

If you still haven’t bought the base game, why not check out Jonny’s interview with Lead Designer Ed Beach?

Stay tuned to Player Attack for more details as we get them.

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