Guy receives Nintendo Switch early, UI video leaked [update]

Update: The same lucky Switch recipient has uploaded an unboxing of the system and another look at its settings menu.

Original story below.

A wild Switch appears!

NeoGAF user hiphoptherobot has posted video of a Switch pre-order he received early. It’s exactly two weeks until the release of the new console and there is still much unsaid about it by Nintendo, particularly the user interface. There have been some screenshots here and there in promotional material, however nothing more substantial about its set up or user profiling until now. Check it out:


switch OS

The interface looks clean and slick, and one factor users have been concerned with is WiFi profiling. The Switch appears to pick up on all nearby signals (like most electronics do in 2017) without the need of selecting from a limited number of connection profiles, like the 3DS and other Nintendo consoles. The video also features the Switch’s news feed, its default 25.9GBs of internal storage (the other 6 undoubtedly reserved for the system OS), notifications, a 480p option for TV output and… a pre-release system update, likely for enabling online functions such as the eStore.

Media outlets today have been sharing news about receiving their Switch units in the lead up to launch. Player Attack will be presenting a special Nintendo edition of our show for TV on March 3 alongside the Switch launch, which will then come to YouTube the following Monday.


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