Subset Games, makers of FTL, announce Into The Breach

If you were wondering what Subset Games would do after cult hit FTL, they’re finally letting us in on the secret. It involves time travel, mechs, gigantic creatures and inevitable failure. Once more, dear friends, Into The Breach!

Players will be tasked with defending the planet from gigantic creatures that have been born below the surface. They burrow upwards and attack civilian cities, while the player puts brave pilots in mechs to fight them off. Mechs are powered by the civilian buildings, so they must be protected.

Explosions! Mechs! Gigantic Creatures!

Enemy attacks will be telegraphed in advance, allowing savvy commanders to block shots or beat them to the punch.

Tactical tactics trash terrifying tarantulas.

Into The Breach also features a time travel mechanic that sounds similar to the one in All You Need Is Kill (aka Edge of Tomorrow with Tom Cruise), with your inevitable failures to defend the Earth from the gigantic creatures fueling your future battles. Once defeat is inevitable you’re told to travel back in time, sending some kind of help to an earlier timeline, in hopes you will succeed in saving them.

Mmmm, snowy tileset. Cool.

Ben Prunty, composer of the FTL soundtrack, is returning for Into The Breach, so if you were into his tunes last time it’s good news!

Interestingly, Chris Avellone is on board for writing duties. You might remember him from the writing of Fallout 2, Neverwinter Nights 2 or Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2, among other things.

As the game has only just been announced, there’s no release date yet. “When we feel it’s ready,” say Subset. You may want to follow their Twitter, or stay tuned to Player Attack for more details!

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