Hollow Knight’s official launch trailer, date released

Adelaide-based Team Cherry have finally revealed their release trailer for their upcoming sidescrolling adventure game Hollow Knight. See above.

The video features a range of gameplay aspects, such as a traditional world map much akin to those in the ‘Metroidvania’ sub-genre and a barter system for purchasing new items.

Hollow Knight totes a 2D hand-drawn animation art style depicting a subterranean world of bugs and insects full of character and vibrancy, despite the darker, more Burton-esque tone. The game also utilises a charms system which will work to buff the Hollow Knight in different ways that player will find throughout the game.

The game’s combat seems to focus on more on melee skirmishes, though there is the option for some ranged attacks and the ability to wall-jump for a more agile approach. Foes vary between small and gigantic, with over 140 different enemy types and 30 different bosses to encounter. There’s even the opportunity to train and hone those skills. And speaking of characters, Hollow Knight also features a wide variety of critters to befriend and visit throughout Hallownest.

Hollow Knight will release on Steam, Humble Store and GOG on February 24. We’ll update the article when a release date for consoles is revealed.

In the meantime, we broke the news on Hollow Knight’s soundtrack unveiling with an insider view of the work behind it. Check it out and have a listen while you wait for the game’s release.

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