Hollow Knight soundtrack release video [update]

Update: The Hollow Knight soundtrack is now available for purchase via Bandcamp. It’s USD$10 with 26 pieces in the tracklist with a total run time over 65 minutes. Those who backed the game on Kickstarter with the free OST perk should keep an eye on their emails/Team Cherry’s Twitter for information on how to claim their download soon.

Original story below:

Christopher Larkin, composer of critically acclaimed games such as Pac-Man 256 and Expand, has announced that his soundtrack for the upcoming indie game Hollow Knight will release this week.

Hollow Knight is a side-scrolling adventure game (or ‘Metroidvania’) created by Adelaide-based developer Team Cherry. The game centres around the Hollow Knight exploring a now-ruined subterranean kingdom called Hallownest. A poison has swept through the world corrupting its inhabitants and those venturing into its caverns have stopped returning. Hollow Knight sets out to discover the problem and defeat it.

The game utilises a beautifully dark, hand-drawn art style though the game’s tone also takes on some humour. Hollow Knight also gives the player the choice of where to explore throughout the game, taking on a more open-world approach to 2D adventure rather than a linear story. The game was Kickstarted at AU$57,000 in late 2014, beating its goal of AU$35,000.

Larkin has worked with Team Cherry on the project for the last two years, though he also lent his skills in sound design with many other game and film projects throughout Adelaide and Australia over recent years. Notable mentions include online mini-series Wastelander Panda: Exile, ABC ME’s show New Adventures of Figaro Pho–for which he received Best Music for Children’s Television at the Screen Media Awards in 2016–and the upcoming documentary Barbecue, which will have its world premiere at the South by Southwest film festival in Texas next month.

The Hollow Knight soundtrack will boast over 20 original pieces. In the video above, Larkin discusses some of the finer points of his compositions, such as instrumentation and use of melodies/motifs in the game rather than providing strictly atmospheric music. The soundtrack will be available for purchase this Friday, February 10 on Larkin’s Bandcamp page, then will also be available to stream via Spotify in the coming days after.

Hollow Knight will release soon for PC and consoles. For more as it comes, stick to Player Attack.

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