Australia: How to speed up your PSN downloads

If you’re a PlayStation gamer living in Australia, we’re guessing you’re a little bit frustrated by the speed of your PSN downloads. Happily, a local developer has figured out a way to make things go faster, and we’ve got his secret.

Lance McDonald, creator of Australian indie game Black Annex noticed his PlayStation Network traffic was limping along and decided to find out why. Turns out that the traffic from his console was being routed to Japan, connecting to the “awful” Tokyo servers and maxing out at 3mbit.

To fix the problem, McDonald simply blocked the Tokyo server IP range directly from his router, then restarted the console. The console now connects automatically to an address in the range, downloading content at a much nicer 30mbit instead.

Bye bye Tokyo!

Bye bye Tokyo!

You can do this too, by setting up a firewall rule in your router. Every router is different, but it should just be a case of blocking the address, which will trick your console into thinking the official servers simply do not exist. You can then restart your PS4 and prompt your downloads to connect to the new settings.

(McDonald comments that you don’t even really need to restart the PS4 if you don’t want to! Any slow downloads in progress will time out and fail, with a “Cannot download” message. At that point, simply restart the downloads, and they’ll connect to the new servers and grab the content much faster.)

That’s it! Download your demos and patches at ten times the speed you could manage before, but McDonald’s quick fix does need one more step. “Just make sure you unblock it again before you try to play online or browse the store,” he says.

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