New art exhibition in Melbourne will explore online game culture

If you’re in Melbourne and interested in the more “arty” side of video games, you should probably pop along to ACMI next month to catch the new exhibit from South Korean artist Jisun Kim. Climax of the Next Scene 다음 신의 클라이막스 is a “bold video triptych” that takes viewers on a journey through a series of familiar gaming settings.

Soon someone else will show up and quickly steal the fruit of revolution.

The work is part of the landmark Asia TOPA celebration that’s being held in Melbourne this month, focussing on performing, visual, screen and literary arts programs.

Described as a “playful and provocative commentary on the world of online game culture”, Climax of the Next Scene is the latest from controversial artist Kim, who rose to prominence in her native country after founding the guerilla media group Pan-Asia International Conference. It’s an exploration of the microcosm created by online video games, visiting parallel worlds where characters kill and die without consequence.

With living persons guiding the simulated operations, real violence invades the weightless universe of the games, permitting globalized terror.

Tickets are available now for shows spanning February 2-5, with Q&A planned to follow the 6pm Thursday Feb 2 session.

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