Watch Nintendo’s Switch Presentation live on Player Attack

If you’ve been living under a rock for the last little while, now would be a great time to climb out. Nintendo is – finally – about to lift the curtain on its upcoming Switch console, and you can watch the live presentation right here on Player Attack.

The livestream will go live at 3pm Sydney time, and the internet is already buzzing over what exactly we’ll be able to see.

We’re looking forward to information on at least a few new games. Zelda is an obvious inclusion, but hopefully Mario will make an appearance (maybe in 3D?) and we’ve got a feeling some squid/kids might pop up as well (Spla-Two-n, anybody?). Fingers crossed for some big third-party representation as well …and if we’re really lucky, maybe even an indie title or two?

Social media is on fire with rumours, hints, “leaks” and other tidbits, like this tasty one from Tyrone Rodriguez, one of the team behind The Binding of Isaac.

There should be plenty of hardware news included in today’s presentation, too. Details on how the console will work when docked (and when not), information on those Joy-Con controllers, and plenty of people are crossing their fingers for the news the Switch will not be region-locked.

An official picture from Nintendo points out some key features of the new hardware – surely there’s something in these 12 shots to interest just about everyone!

What more do you want to know?

What more do you want to know?

There’s one more big piece of information we’re anticipating today: A price. The Switch is anticipated to be another mid-range console, with a price point around the AU$300-400 mark (around US$250). That said, an alleged leak by Canada’s Wal-Mart suggests it could be more expensive, closer to C$399 (US$304) which has already sent Nintendo’s share prices into free-fall.

So. Ggo grab a drink and a snack and make a quick bathroom visit, things are set to kick off in 10 minutes!

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