Sexpo’s cosplay contest heading to the Wild West

Perth friends! You’ve read about the fun that your Sydney and Melbourne friends had in the Sexpo cosplay contest. Well, now it’s your turn. Get out your body glitter, it’s time to get sexy!

After the smashing successes of Sydney and Melbourne last year, Sexpo has set its sights on what it’s calling the “Wild West”. Cosplayers are encouraged to enter their costumes for the opportunity to compete in their competition. And while it’s not limited to “sexy cosplay”, participants are encouraged to enter costumes which might not be accepted at traditional conventions, but help the participant embrace their sexuality and creativity .

Coralea Jade from Geeks Guild Entertainment showing off her Cubone cosplay

Sexpo Event Manager Bentleigh Gibson explains:

…we are so proud to give such a passionate community a platform to showcase their amazing talents. Our aim is to bring cosplay to all corners of Australia following the success of the Melbourne and Sydney competitions.

Sexpo Perth will hold two heats on Saturday May 6th, with the final on Sunday May 7 at 4:15pm. Like always, some great prizes are up for grabs, including a $1,500 grand prize for the winner and an all-expenses paid trip to the next Sexpo. Each finalist in the heats will receive $500 cash and an exclusive Sexpo bag including $250 worth of goodies. My friends and I deconstructed one of these bags last year and they’re very much worth the money.

Now, don’t get confused – when you think about Sexpo, you probably think gratuitous nudity and stripper poles. I mean, you aren’t wrong, but Sexpo is so much more. Last year, I had the pleasure of attending Sexpo Sydney on behalf of Player Attack and I had a fantastic time. It’s one of the most relaxed, inclusive places I’ve ever attended.They even have rides… Don’t think too much into that.

If you’re a Sexpo savant, or just a little… curious about the whole thing, you’ll find that Sexpo has something for everyone… including cosplayers!

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