Evolving a Holiday Pikachu gives you a Holiday Raichu in Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO has been participating in the Holiday festivities, and one of their gifts to players is the chance to catch a Holiday Pikachu. Well, we now know that evolving a Holiday Pikachu will, in fact, give you a Holiday Raichu.

Ass announced by the Pokémon GO Twitter page, evolving a Holiday Pikachu will give you a Holiday Raichu.

With the festive update also came new, old Pokémon like Misty’s friend, the egg-Pokémon Togepi.

Pokémon GO isn’t doing nearly as hot as it was back in the Summer, but it has managed to still keep a steady player base, and it is still releasing in countries, so it’s staying afloat.

Many people were upset with how developers Niantic handled server issues, as well as how they removed and have messed with the tracking system.

Either way, the game has still managed to keep going, with Pokémon Sun and Moon giving it a slight boost.

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