The Division will be free on PC this weekend

Ubisoft will be hosting a free weekend on PC for The Division. If you no longer have the game because you got bored or didn’t like it, you should give it a try again, because a lot has changed.

The Division

Ubisoft has released multiple patches and updates for The Division, and it has been pretty much completely revamped, so now is the time to give it a try to see if you like it now that so much has changed.

The free weekend will only be on PC on Uplay, starting at 10 am PT December 15 and running through 1 pm PT December 18.

It will not include the DLC from the Season Pass, but will include all of the free updates that have come, so you really will be getting a good taste of what the game has become.

If you decide to buy the full game, your progress will be transferred, and to entice you to buy the full game, it will be 50% off on the Uplay store.

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