Porsche will finally be in racing games not made by EA

My favorite car since I was a child is the Porsche 911. Sadly, because I never played racing games made by EA, I was never able to get behind the wheel of one virtually (which is probably about as close I could ever get to driving one). However, this will soon change.

My dream car, the Porsche 911 GT3Rs

Porsche’s exclusive deal with EA is coming to an end, which means that it should be much easier for developers to square up a deal with Porsche to feature their cars in the their games.

While some games, like Forza, have had Porsche in their games, it has always been as paid DLC, and never a part of the main game.

There were a few workarounds for this, like Ruf, which is a custom shop (irl) that builds on the Porsche platform, but you couldn’t get behind the wheel of a wicked 911 GT3RS.

So, for gearheads like myself, this is some fantastic news.

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