Big changes coming to Vainglory with patch 2.0

Big changes are coming to Vainglory, the mobile MOBA, in the latest update, 2.0. Tons of new skins have been added, as well as a new map skin and major gameplay changes.

Changes have come to Vainglory!

While there are tons of new skins and items, here are the major things that are changing with gameplay:

Update 2.0 creates new opportunities, increases build diversity, adds counterplay and tackles head on one of the game’s biggest pain points. Changes to the Jungle Shop and Minion Miners eliminate snowballing strategies and introduces comeback potential. Four new items give players counters to established strategies and create room for new ones, as well. And improvements to the hero plaque convey information critical in battle. Let’s get into the details …


In Update 2.0, players will start each match with 625 gold, up from 350. This change allows for a much more diverse set of starting items. Players can now start off with various combinations of offensive items, defensive items and consumables to fit their needs and playstyles for the early game. Want to be a bit tanky out of the gate? Now you can. Want to get an early jump on that Sorrowblade? Now you can double down on weapon power and pick up two Weapon Blades. More gold means more open strategies, so get out there and see what works for your favorite hero.

  • Player starting gold up from 350 to 625


Up until now, the team that managed to reach the Jungle Shop first had a considerable battle advantage since they are not only able to buy items, but also prevent the enemy from doing so. The mere act of shopping first could determine that first critical teamfight … making it possible to steal enemy jungle camps … setting up a likely victory in the next teamfight. This snowballing is difficult to stop. To rectify this, we’ve introduced two new changes:

  • Jungle Shop spawns at 4 mins at the same time as the miners
  • No longer sells Halcyon Potions

In Update 2.0, removing the Jungle Shop from the early phases of the game helps curb snowballing and opens up different rotation paths. Similarly, removing potions from the shop makes it difficult to maintain a high health lead over the other team. Now players can’t simply buy potions and rotate into the enemy team’s jungle over and over again. Players will have to make a choice: return to home base to heal and shop or push for more but risk giving up an easy kill at lower health.


The treants are tired of getting kicked around and can now fight back, tree-style. When jungling, be aware– they now possess the ability to cast a spell that roots their attackers in place. This encourages players to pay close attention to their positioning even while jungling, rewarding players that dance well with a faster clear speed than their opponents. Truly cunning players fleeing from enemies can easily pull a nearby treant into the fight, trapping their opponents and turning the tables on them.

  • Attempts to root heroes attacking it (at melee or range)
  • Shoots a healing projectile to its killer
  • Heroes with the treant heal now have a visible aura beneath them


Most players were ignoring the Minion Miners intended function (tactical buffing of lane minions) and were simply using them as “mini Gold Mines” — killing them whenever possible for the gold payout. This meant we had an opportunity to revamp the mine objectives to play a more meaningful role and to help us address player frustrations. The new Crystal Miner does just that, helping to protect his team, prevent snowballing and increase comeback potential.

No longer with this jungle creature impact the strength of your lane minions. Instead, the new Crystal Miner is a powerful jungle sentry who starts — and stays — affiliated with your team. The Crystal Miner is much more active in defending your team and turf from intruders and makes it considerably more risky for the invading team to steal away your jungle camps.

The Crystal Miner spawns from your base at the four minute mark (at the same time as the Jungle Shop and Gold Miner). He will attack enemy heroes on sight, whether he has been attacked or not. The new miner will also travel much farther to come to your aid when you’re under duress.

When the miner is killed, he’ll eventually respawn and march out from base to his mine. His march to the mine allows the defending team to walk out of the base alongside it. This provides interesting tactical choices as the defending team can use the Crystal Miner as a fourth player who could help them fend off an enemy push — even in the lane! The Crystal Miner will always respawn for your team; the enemy team can’t capture it and use it against you.

  • Renamed from Minion Miner to Crystal Miner
  • No longer buffs lane minions
  • Spawns affiliated to a team and walks out from base
  • Travels significantly farther to assist allies in battle
  • Attacks enemy heroes on sight
  • Are significantly more powerful
  • Bounty down from 150 to 35
  • Experience up from 0 to 11

Furthermore, in an attempt to diversify gameplay, the roles in-game have changed:


Goal: Protect the Carry

The captain is the leader and shot-caller of the team. This role’s job is directing real-time team tactics and, most importantly, protecting your carry from harm. And while we deserve any jokes at our expense about another name change (RIP roamer), the choice of “captain” isn’t just cosmetic. We have a long-term vision for how the captain will play a unique in-game role on a team, with a markedly different mindset, options and incentives. Update 2.0 is only the very tip of the iceberg for what we have in store for captains in Vainglory.

Those who like to lead, absorb damage and shield allies from harm should be the captain.


Goal: Secure Kills

The carry is the team’s gold-hungry playmaker. This player starts in lane to earn money faster and build items quicker — all for the express purpose of killing as many enemies as possible. The carry is the most dangerous team member, but it’s also the most fragile. As such, the carry should always be in close proximity to the captain or a turret cannon. If the carry is alone or positioned too far forward, it likely won’t end well.

Those who like to live on the knife’s edge of death or superstardom should be the carry.


Goal: Menace the Enemy Carry

The jungler prowls the terrain beneath the lane, looking to threaten or ambush vulnerable enemies. The jungler is halfway between the captain and the carry — durable enough to offer some protection and strong enough to stand and fight — but with neither as a specialty. The jungler is most effective when breaking through the enemy front line and creating chaos (or death) for the enemy carry.

Those who like to fearlessly get in the enemy’s face should be the jungler.


And that is just a taste of the changes coming to Vainglory with patch 2.0, which is rolling out today!

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