The first Global Mission for Pokémon Sun and Moon failed

Trainers, I am sad to say that we have not managed to complete the first Pokémon Sun and Moon Global Mission.

Pokémon Sun and Moon

The mission was to catch, worldwide, 100 million Pokémon, a lofty goal, yes, but one that we thought could be completed. Unfortunately, only 16,423,231 were caught, according to Serebii.

Nintendo has now stated that they will alter future missions based off of these results.

The next Global Mission has been announced, and has trainers looking for Pokémon using the island scan feature.

It was a hard goal to meet, 100 million, but, being that it was the first mission, Nintendo really had no way of knowing whether or not their numbers were going to be reasonable or not.

Hopefully, in the feature, we’ll be able to knock these goals out of the Safari Park.

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