World of Final Fantasy getting an update for PS4 Pro

World of Final Fantasy is a role-playing game that plays more like the traditional, turn-based play-style of Final Fantasy. The game was released back in October, and a recent update has PS4 Pro players thinking they need glasses, as all of the visuals have become blurry. However, that will soon to be fixed.

World of Final Fantasy has a much less realistic animation style

If you have noticed this bug, you’ll be happy to hear that Square Enix has announced a fix is on its way.

Announced on the Square Enix website (translated by Gematsu), here are the patch notes:


  • Added “Theater Mode” to title menu – View the event scenes that occur during the game again at any time via Theater Mode.
  • Added PS Vita version voice data download guide – A DLC check is now done when you select “From the Beginning” or “Continue.” If you haven’t downloaded the voice DLC, the game will start following a system message.
  • Added a “Puzzle Switch” activation notification – A message is now displayed when you meet the requirements to activate a “Puzzle Switch.”
  • Added a ‘how to be rewarded notification’ when you clear the “Vestiges of Life” Intervention Quest – A hint message is displayed when you clear the “Vestiges of Life” Intervention Quest. If you have already cleared the quest and did not receive a reward, a hint message will be displayed at Sylver Park.
  • PlayStation 4 Pro support fix – Fixed a bug that blurs the screen when connected to a 2K monitor.
  • Other bug fixes

Furthermore, fans of another popular Square Enix franchise, Kingdom Hearts, will also be happy to hear that Sora will soon be available in World of Final Fantasy, coming in about a month’s time.


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