Rights for U.S remake of Korean zombie flick ‘Train to Busan’ snapped up

Do you like critically acclaimed foreign films but hate having to read pesky subtitles to understand what’s going on? Well, have I got good news for you!

French film studio Gaumont have snapped up the rights to a U.S remake of Train to Busan; a film which holds both the mantle of being one of the biggest South Korean box-office smashes of all time and being one of my top rated films to take place on a train!


Train to Busan


“We’ve been chasing this remake since the Cannes Film Festival where the whole team loved it so much, and we are excited to start working on the U.S. adaptation that will mark our foray into English language movies in Los Angeles,” said Gaumont CEO Sidonie Dumas in a statement.

The Korean zombie flick grossed over $83.5 million domestically, with a reported 11.6 million individual admissions being sold over its summer run. Oh, and just for perspective, that ticket sales figure equates to over a fifth of the entire South Korean population!

This is great news for South Korean cinema, which has historically never managed to make too many waves outside of the Asian market, with the CEO of the domestic distributor stating “we hope this opportunity could let Korean films get more attention and be familiar with the audience all over the world.”

Personally, Train to Busan is easily one of my sleeper hits of 2016, wonderfully combining fast paced zombie action, quirky characters and good ol’ fashioned universal social anxieties.

You can check out our review here.

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