Battlefield 1 will fix PS4 Pro performance with next update

Battlefield 1’s latest update on PS4 has a bug that causes the game to have performance drops when played on a PS4 Pro, but it will be getting a fix with the next update.


DICE has announced that they have identified the problem and will be issuing out a fix with the next update.

DICE’s Nils Hallberg responded to a forum thread about the bug, saying:

We found an issue that explains a lot of the issues mentioned in this thread, e.g. FPS drops and blurry textures. The issue relates to the dynamic resolution where the minimum was too high.

We have a fix for this for all platforms (except PC that does not use dynamic resolution) and it will be included in the next patch.

DICE has not publicly said anything about the PS4 Pro features on Battlefield 1, but players do see framerate and texture enhancements, so there is definitely something there.

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