HTC launching Vive Studios for console gaming “publishing model”

HTC has decided to launch Vive Studios, a publishing subsidiary with the goal of publishing Vive games, as well as third-party games.

HTC is attempting to create a console gaming “publishing model” with their new subsidiary. This means that, while also creating their own games for the Vive, they will also be assisting third-party studios in funding and marketing for the games they are creating for the Vive.

According to the company’s press release:

“Vive Studios is actively creating content across key categories for VR including games, education, cinematic, design, social, real-estate and sports, as well as tools and applications that can revolutionise areas such as media, retail, healthcare and location-based entertainment centres and arcades.”

This will certainly provide a lot structure to a very promising corner of VR, which is needed. Oculus has a similar model.

I recently got the chance to try a few VR headsets, and while I didn’t get to try the Vive, I was very impressed. I had been going through the past year or two thinking that VR was never going to be taken seriously – that people would just look at it like a gimmick.

Then, I tried it for myself, and my opinions flipped completely. If people could just try it out for themselves, I am entirely certain that they will change their minds.

Plus, I didn’t even get the chance to try out the Vive, which uses sensors in the corners of your room to create an area of actual movement within space.

I strongly urge you, if you know anyone who has the Samsung Gear VR, or an Oculus or even a Vive, try it out. It will truly change your mind on the future of VR, if you have doubts.

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