China to force games to release loot crate drop rates and probabilities

China is going to be implementing a business regulation that requires games with loot crate drops to release their rates and probabilities.

Games like Overwatch would be effected

The law will be going into effect on May 1, 2017, and essentially says that companies must release all information about things like the content, quantity and draw probability for virtual items on sale.

The regulations will be going into effect for all online games, whether they are free to play, or paid.

As (roughly) translated by Google:

The online game operation enterprise shall provide the virtual props and value-added services by means of random sampling, and shall not require the users to participate in the way of directly investing in the legal currency or online game virtual currency. The online game operator shall promptly announce the name, performance, content, quantity, and the probability of extraction or composition of all virtual props and value-added services that may be extracted or synthesized on the official website of the game or the randomly selected pages. Publicity of the random extraction of relevant information should be true and effective. 

Online game operators shall publish the results of randomly selected users to participate in the game’s official website or a significant position in the game, and keep relevant records to prepare the relevant departments query log duration of not less than 90 days. When publishing random results, some measures should be taken to protect user privacy. 

I don’t want to say much about China and their humanitarian efforts, but I will say that these regulations seem to have good intentions!

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