Final Fantasy XV had the second biggest launch for a Final Fantasy game

Final Fantasy 15 has seen the second biggest launch ever in the history of the Final Fantasy franchise, just behind 2010’s Final Fantasy 13.


Final Fantasy XV

FIFA 17 has still managed to take the top spot on the charts, but Final Fantasy 15’s debut was still very impressive, as reported by GFK, who have released that it is the second biggest launch in Final Fantasy history.

Meanwhile, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Battlefield 1 have managed to take the number three and four spots, respectively, with Pokémon Sun and Moon dropping to the number 8 and 9 spots, respectively.

Uncharted 4 is still in the top ten at number 7, and Watch Dogs 2 is sitting at number 6.

It’s no surprise that Final Fantasy wasn’t able to top FIFA, as massive franchises like that also appeal to casual gamers get a wider market, so a number 2 spot to FIFA is still a fantastic place to be.

Surely, Square Enix is happy.

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