Gearbox Software reveals new publishing label, Bulletstorm remastered

Randy Pitchford had been hinting that something new would be coming to The Game Awards, but nobody quite expected this. Gearbox Software has officially launched Gearbox Publishing, a new publishing label for indie studios.

The first game on the roster: Bulletstorm – Full Clip Edition, from People Can Fly.



We’d heard rumours and speculation swirling about this one, and now it’s official – a shiny new remastered edition of the original game. Sneaky internet types had spotted early mentions popping up on rating board sites around the world, but we didn’t know the full details – or the publisher!

Following teases by both Pitchford and voice actor Jon St John, we’d all been lead to believe we were getting a new Duke Nukem experience… and while we’re not getting an all-new game, turns out The King really is Back. Bulletstorm – Full Clip Edition is due out April 7th, and if you pre-order now, you’ll get the ability to play the game in full with the Duke as the main character.

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