Titanfall Online is gonna be a thing

Titanfall Online, another Titanfall title from Respawn, is going to launch soon. Unfortunately, that launch is likely not going to be international.


Titanfall Online

The game is going to be a free to play online version of Titanfall that mixes elements from the first and second games, but ultimately sees a downgrade from Titanfall 2.

It essentially uses Titanfall 1 mechanics and Titanfall 2 Titans, though they are not ACTUALLY the Titanfall 2 Titans.

For example, there is a Titan very similar to Scorch that is named “Ogre,” which, if you’re a fan of Titanfall, you’ll recognize as the fan nickname for Scorch.

At this point, we only know that it will be released in parts of Asia, and nothing has been said about a possible release coming to the West.

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