Pokémon Sun and Moon continues to impress in Europe

We already learned that Pokémon Sun and Moon is doing extremely well in Japan, and now we know a bit more about its number in Europe, and it is much the same.


Pokémon Sun and Moon

The game managed to move 1.5 million copies in Europe in its launch week, with 368,000 in the UK. That means that it is the best launch for Pokémon in Europe in the history of the series.

According to GFK Chart-Track, Pokémon Sun debuted at number 3, with Pokémon Moon at number 4. Had the games been one title, Pokémon easily would have taken the top spot, but instead it was captured by FIFA, followed by Call of Duty at number 2.

Critically, the game is doing well with an 87% from Metacritic. People are definitely digging the idea of seeing some of their old favorites returning with a bit of a refresher via the Alola forms.

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