Pokémon Sun and Moon’s first global mission is here

The first global mission for Pokémon Sun and Moon is here, and it is challenging us with the task of catching a certain amount of Pokémon.


Pokémon Sun and Moon

That amount, which we have until December 12 to complete, is a whopping 100 million Pokémon.

That number may seem like a lot, but when you look at it from a global perspective, with the already massive amount of people playing Sun and Moon, it shouldn’t be too hard to accomplish over the next few weeks.

If the goal is reached, players will receive up to 2,000 Festival Coins. If the goal is not reached, players will still receive no less than 100.

Players must have their games connected to Global Link in order to take part in this challenge.

So come on, Trainers! Go catch ’em all!


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