Farming Simulator 17 is selling like hot cake

Farming Simulator 17 is selling even better than the last one, which, admittedly, I still don’t quite understand.


And I can take you for a ride on my big green tractor…

Maybe it is due to the fact that I grew up on a farm in rural Virginia, but I really do not understand the appeal of Farming Simulator.

However, contrary to what the video game world would say is fun, Farming Simulator continues to astonish us all.

The latest game, Farming Simulator 17 has sold over 1 million copies in just its first month. To put that into perspective, that is almost double the sales of the previous game, which was insanely popular.

The last game went on to sell about 3 million units, so it will be interesting to track the popularity of this one.

Perhaps the most astonishing part of Farming Simulator 17’s sales is just how many were boxed copies bought in stores. With 220,000 sales on Steam, that puts sales of IN STORE BOXED COPIES at somewhere around 700,000.

People actually got up, left their houses, went to the store and bought a boxed copy of Farming Simulator 17.

As much as I don’t get the game, that’s freaking awesome.


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