Peter Molyneux thinks Fable 4 should happen

It’s been a while since we heard anything from the realm of Fable, and it probably could be a while, or perhaps forever, before we ever do again. However, Peter Molyneux, creator of the Fable series, is still totally keen on the possibility of Fable 4.


Fable 3

In an interview with OXM, via Gamesradar, Molyneux spoke about what life is like after the closure of Lionhead Studio. After a bit of a rough patch with the press, Molyneux was asked if he and journalists were “still friends,”:

“I’m in a better place. It’s not that at all. I just think the days of me doing press and getting excited about games before they’re done is over. That’s not how the world works anymore. And actually I’ve found that pretty good and rewarding. I do miss talking in the press, I miss meeting journalists at shows and stuff but maybe that’s more out of habit than anything? But I don’t think the press has treated me badly, you know. I had so many years of amazing articles. I can’t complain, times have changed and you’ve got to change with them. There’s no bad blood.”

Much of the interview is about the creation of Lionhead studio, how it was a bit of a disaster getting started, but it eventually comes around to Fable, and the idea of Fable 4:

“It’s crazy that Fable IV isn’t being made. I would love to do Fable IV, and the studio tried to do it. You’d have to get the original team back together though.”

If you recall, following the release of Fable 3, there was a bit of a conflict where Microsoft wanted to create Fable Legends, but then that got canceled, and then nothing ever came out of Fable again.

Either way, the idea of ever seeing another Fable game at this point is pretty outlandish, but one can always hope.

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