Sea of Thieves invites you to join the Insider Programme

Even though it’s been a while since we’ve heard much from Sea of Thieves, today’s update has been worth the wait. The team at Rare have launched a brand new Insider Programme, which will deliver the latest news on development and unlock early access gameplay opportunities, as well as giving the studio a way of talking directly to fans.

Become a Sea of Thieves Insider!

…you know you want to!

Plus anyone signing up for the Insider Programme will be given perks and bonuses, including all sorts of fun content on the Sea of Thieves forum (like access to locked areas and special badges).

The team has even released this handy video to explain why they think the Programme will be great “for fans and devs alike”:

We’re excited to be taking this first step in getting the community more involved and plan to run the Sea of Thieves Insider Programme through all phases of our game’s development. We expect that feedback from our trusted Insiders will continue to shape the experience through these phases and will lead us to new and exciting adventures together.

If you’d like to know more about this swashbuckling Xbox One/Windows 10 multiplayer adventure, sign up for the Insider Programme …and then settle in for a bit of a wait. The game’s not due out until some time next year, and Rare is remaining awfully quiet on a potential date.

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