Ditto finally appears in Pokémon GO!

After months of searching, Ditto has finally shown its genderless blob head in the world of Pokémon GO, and its disguising itself as junk Pokémon.

Okay, so I don’t want to say that Ditto is extremely smart, but Ditto is extremely smart. Disguising itself as the Pokémon that we completely ignore, like Pidgey and Rattata.

When you go to catch one of these annoyingly common Pokémon, if you’re lucky enough to have found yourself a Ditto, instead of saying, “Gotcha!” after the catch, it will say, “Oh?” and then play a round of animations of the Pokémon transforming back into its true self, Ditto.

This latest update has seen a spike in interest for Pokémon GO, with it finding itself trending on Twitter again, so good for it.

I had thought that Pokémon GO may have been over, but it still has a few tricks up its sleeves.

So go catch yourself a Ditto!

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