Pokémon Uranium and Metroid 2 remake AM2R removed from The Game Awards’ nominees list

Pokémon Uranium, the wildly popular and now dead fan-made Pokémon game, as well as the fan-made Metroid 2 remake AM2R have been removed from the nominees list for The Game Awards.


Pokémon Uranium

It doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to discover why this would be the case. Nintendo doesn’t like it when fans get so close that they start to make better games than Nintendo themselves.

Pokémon Uranium was incredibly popular, and people were ecstatic over its existence as a fan-made game that, whilst not being canon, can still provide a ton of Pokémon fun.

It was taken down after nine years of development with tons of money spent when Nintendo expressed their distaste for the game.

Now, as an added slap in the face, it no longer has the chance to win the “Best Fan Creation” at The Game Awards.

Furthermore, neither does AM2R, the Metroid 2 fan-remake. Both games were ordered to be taken down just a week after their launches, so to say that this isn’t Nintendo’s doing just doesn’t make sense.

Meanwhile, Brutal Doom 64 and the Skyrim mod Endreal: The Shards of Order are still part of the awards.

The Game Awards ceremony is on December 1, so hopefully we can get a statement sometime soon regarding this happening.

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