You will finally be able to practice in Rocket League soon

Have you tried to jump into Rocket League, but you couldn’t seem to grasp it in the middle of a game, well soon, you will be able to practice.


Rocket League Custom Training

In Rocket League’s next update, they are launch a custom trainer, and it works like this:

When you create your own custom training sequence, you’ll be asked to specify a few things up front:

  1. A name for your creation.

  2. Which map you want to train in.

  3. What type of training sequence it is (Striker or Goalie).

  4. How difficult it’s going to be (Rookie, Pro, All-Star).

  5. Which “tags” best describe your training sequence (Dribbling, Wall Shots, etc.)

Once all that’s settled, you can then get down to editing your sequence in-game.  What you’ll see first is your ‘Shot List’ that contains every shot you’ve set up as part of your new sequence.  From here you can pick a shot to edit, add new shots, or delete ones you don’t want to keep.
Editing a specific shot is the most important aspect of this new feature. You can place the car and the ball wherever you want on the field and you can specify the direction and speed of the ball with a full trajectory preview that helps you plan things out.
Each shot can be tested in real-time, modified, and tested again to make it quick and easy to develop your new training sequence.

So, if you haven’t been able to get the skills down to dominate, now you’ll get the chance to practice until you get there.

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