Fallout 4 on PS4 now has mod support, Pro support coming next

Fallout 4 fans on PlayStation 4 just got mod support in the latest patch for the game, and next up from Bethesda is PlayStation 4 Pro support.

Fans now have mod support on their PlayStation 4 consoles, but don’t expect crazy model changes – all mods must use the already provided assets, which essentially means no outside models. If you want that, buy the game for Xbox One or, of course, PC.

Bethesda promised PS4 Pro support a while back, and now they’re bringing it in the next update, announced via a tweet by the developer. The difference between the PS4 Pro support for Fallout 4 and for Skyrim: Special Edition, is that the Fallout 4 support will not be rendering at 4K natively.

At this point, no dates have been released.

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