Watch Dogs 2 multiplayer fix should come this weekend

Ubisoft is hoping to roll out a fix for its “seamless multiplayer” which, as of yet, has not been available to players.


Watch Dogs 2

In a statement to IGN, a Ubisoft spokesperson said that is is important that the fix “causes no regression to the core single-player experience” while seamlessly working in those multiplayer features.

“To our current players, we sincerely appreciate the support and patience during this process,” Ubisoft stated.

One of the big things that was coming with Watch Dogs 2 was the “seamless multiplayer,” and players have been disappointed that it hasn’t been available; however, the game has received positive reviews, pre-multiplayer.

Watch Dogs 2 launched November 15th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, and is the sequel to the successful Watch Dogs 2, which received a Metacritic score of 78%.

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