Skyrim, new Mario game launching alongside Nintendo Switch

It looks like we may be getting that Skyrim port after all. While it wasn’t confirmed even though it was featured in the reveal trailer, reports are coming in saying that it, along with a new Mario game, will be launch titles.


Skyrim is coming

According to a report by Let’sPlayVideoGames, the Mario game featured in the reveal trailer will actually be a launch title for the upcoming console/handheld hybrid.┬áThe title will apparently be a 3D open world from which different worlds can be selected, with multiple objectives to complete in each, similar to Mario 64 or Mario Galaxy.

There will be a press demo ready for the game come January’s press event.

The big news comes in the form of that Skyrim port that Bethesda annoyingly will not confirm is real. The report says that it is definitely happening, and will mirror the recent Special Edition of the game. It will be a launch titles as well

Furthermore, mods will be allowed in the game, but only in the same way as PS4, meaning that the mods must use the already in-game assets (so no Thomas the Tank Engine dragons).

I truly hope we see a real game like Skyrim come to this device. It would really solidify its legitimacy.

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