The big Rainbow Six Siege patch comes today

A big Rainbow Six Siege patch comes today that has some features that players have been long awaiting, namely two new operators and a new map.

The patch will go live after a four-hour maintenance starting at 9am EST/ 6am PT.

The main things people are excited for are the two new operators and a new map in Japan. Furthermore, a feature that bases wall destruction off of the caliber of your gun is also being added.

Here are the complete patch notes for your viewing pleasure:


  • FIXED – Invulnerable state after an Operator is DBNO is too long.
  • FIXED – It is possible to become invisible, or appear as an Operator on the enemy team.
  • FIXED – Nitro Cell does not cause damage if placed on a metal beam.
  • FIXED – PMM Makarov does not have as many spare magazines as intended.
  • FIXED – Impact grenades do not properly destroy both sides of some walls.
  • FIXED – Additional negative points are not granted when killing a DBNO teammate.
  • FIXED – Operators are not holding their sidearms properly.
  • FIXED – Rubber banding has been occurring when moving through breached walls.
  • FIXED – Shield Operators are able to clip through destructible walls and barricades.
  • FIXED – Players are not informed of the status of their Renown penalty after abandoning a match.
  • FIXED – Physics on the destruction of photo frames/paintings on walls are not aligned.
  • FIXED – Throwing back grenades has a skewed trajectory.
  • FIXED – Wood debris gets stuck on the edges of destructible surfaces.


  • FIXED – Players are not able to plant the defuser after passing from “2F Cash Room” to “2F CCTV Room” by breaching the destructible wall.
  • FIXED – Attackers that plant the defuser on a reinforced trap door/hatch will lose if the hatch is destroyed.
  • FIXED – Players sometimes stop securing/defending the objective when they hit the ground after falling.
  • FIXED – When the point is contested and nearly complete, if a Defender kills the final Attacker, the Attackers win.
  • FIXED – The Hostage is able to be grabbed through a wall that is not large enough to be vaulted through.
  • FIXED – Players earn “Dedicated Operator” experience when they kill the hostage or themselves.
  • FIXED – The “All Bombs are defused” message is displayed when only one Bomb has been defused.


  • FIXED – German Flag charm is mirrored.
  • FIXED – Operator models become black when HBAO+ is turned on.
  • FIXED – Claymores do not render when a player is too far away.
  • FIXED – The word “Server” was not properly localized for all languages.
  • FIXED – Hovering over and clicking on a “Searching for Player” slot in matchmaking will display your profile picture with another player’s Win/Loss and Kill/Death.
  • FIXED – Support Mode text overlaps the vote kick messages in the top left corner of the HUD.
  • FIXED – Text chat displays the enemy team’s chat when in the lobby/loading screen.
  • FIXED – Infinite loading screen occurs after switching profiles with a profile not linked to the Ubisoft Club app.


  • FIXED – Firing with the rifle shield active with a muzzle break leads to a visual glitch.
  • FIXED – Exothermic charges placed on a partially destroyed section of a reinforced wall will not destroy both walls.
  • FIXED – Destroying Bandit’s gadget while he is in the process of picking it up will prevent Bandit from being able to draw his weapon, crouch, or prone.
  • FIXED – Destroying a barricade with Ash’s Breaching Round does not destroy Kapkan’s EDD.
  • FIXED – Changing keybinds for the Primary Gadget will cause an issue in the Observational tool.
  • FIXED – The amount of crossbow bolts remaining does not always correspond with the available amount on the spectator camera.
  • FIXED – Blue smoke can be seen through when shooting weapons under certain conditions.
  • FIXED – Interrogating an enemy that was put in a DBNO state by a teammate will not award them with the kill assist.
  • FIXED – Toggling Stealth stance “ON” while switching from primary to secondary weapons prevents Caveira from switching back to her primary weapon.
  • FIXED – Activating Stealth stance and sprinting immediately will cancel stealth.
  • FIXED – The Black Eye cameras do not have collision with flowers.
  • FIXED – Black Eye camera floats when thrown onto the pillars in 1F Lobby on Bank.
  • FIXED – There is no outline for gadgets detected using her device.


  • FIXED – Plants/Trees can be destroyed in a manner that blocked player movements.
  • FIXED – Throwable gadgets float on bookshelves when the bottom part is destroyed.
  • FIXED – Light coming from outside the building will blind/hinder players inside.
  • FIXED – Operator can clip through walls if they enter a DBNO state next to a wall.
  • FIXED – Players are able to enter the bottom shelves of the bar on the first floor.
  • FIXED – Drones are able to pass through the wall in 1F Bar.
  • FIXED – Deployable shield placed in the doorway between B Escape Tunnel and B Arsenal Room cannot be vaulted over.
  • FIXED – Black Eye cameras do not stick to some surfaces properly during Preparation Phase.
  • FIXED – File cabinet disappears when looking through the Control Room window from the other building.
  • FIXED – Attackers spawn on the Shooting Range in mid-air.
  • FIXED – Drones are able to see through the ceiling in CC2F Cafeteria.
  • FIXED – Missing texture on blue shipping containers.
  • FIXED – Defenders are able to kill Attackers as they spawn at the Shooting Range.
  • FIXED – Attackers spawn on the Shooting Range in mid-air.
  • FIXED – Missing texture in 1F Dining Room, which allows line of sight to 2F Corridor.
  • FIXED – Missing texture in 1F Piano Lounge, providing line of sight to 2F Corridor.
  • FIXED – TV Room Ceiling is not capped, providing line of sight to an exterior ladder.
  • FIXED – Attackers are able to rappel under the stairs platform in EXT Side Stairs Alley.
  • FIXED – Red computer screen remains after the computer has been destroyed.
  • FIXED – Drones are able to pass through a wall on the window/skylight at EXT Low Roof.
  • FIXED – Drones are able to clip through wall the stairs in 1F Main Stairway.
  • FIXED – Exothermic Charge does not fully breach wall in Archives.
  • FIXED – Level of detail issue with the EXT Emergency Exit door frame.
  • FIXED – Drones are able to enter the wall/ceiling in 3F Radio Cabin.
  • FIXED – Gap between two walls in 2F Meeting Room.
  • FIXED – Pipes interfere with Kapkan’s EDD.
  • FIXED – For defenders, the out of bounds deadzone does not reach the end of the map in front of the plane.
  • FIXED – Drones are able to pass through some wooden ceilings.
  • FIXED – Drones are able to clip into the wall of the library.
  • FIXED – Players are able to glitch into the wall of 1F Kitchen.
  • FIXED – Operators’ legs will clip through a reinforced window if they go prone on the bed in Master Bedroom.
  • FIXED – Missing texture in 1F Library Stairs allows shooting from under the stairs.
  • FIXED – Deployable shields can be exploited to vault into the fireplace in 2F Master Bedroom.
  • FIXED – Pipes in B Main Garage Entrance are vaultable.
  • FIXED – Flickering textures can be seen on the wall separating 1F Dining Room and 1F Great Room.
  • FIXED – Couches disappear when viewed from a distance.
  • FIXED – Edge of some rooftops did not meet the wall, and allows Attackers to see inside.
  • FIXED – Missing collision enables players to shoot from 2F Armory Corridor into 1F Meeting Hall Entrance through an indestructible floor/ceiling.
  • FIXED – Small gaps between the sandbags allow bullets to pass through in 1F Meeting Hall/Outside.
  • FIXED – Using a Deployable Shield, Operators are able to vault into bunk beds.
  • FIXED – Clipping issues when Operators go prone in Attic.
  • FIXED – Players are able to destroy the floor in 2F Fireplace Hall and shoot enemies without being seen.
  • FIXED – Missing collision between two walls that allows bullets and gadgets to pass through at 2F Reading Room and 2F Pillar Dining Room.
  • FIXED – Drones do not encounter the proper collision when encountering the walls in 3F Cocktail Lounge Entrance.
  • FIXED – Small gaps exist between the reinforced wall and an unbreakable wall in 3F Poker Room.
  • FIXED – Drones are able to float on water in 2F Sub Room.
  • FIXED – Decal on the table can be seen after it is shot by a player.
  • FIXED – Flickering texture on metal wall in 2F Engine Utility.
  • FIXED – Drones do not have collision with the miniature model in 3F Lounge.
  • FIXED – Light bleeds inside from 1F Engine Hallway.
  • FIXED – Boxes in 1F Supply Room can be vaulted through.
  • FIXED – Players do not receive damage from Nitro Cells placed on the North wall in 2F Offices.
  • FIXED – Floating wall textures can be seen after walls have been destroyed.
  • FIXED – Operators can remain stuck in vehicles if a player vaults over one while sprinting.
  • FIXED – Part of the Breakroom wall has no collision.
  • FIXED – Boxes in the Supply Room are vaultable.
  • FIXED – Players are able to plant the defuser outside of the objective area.
  • FIXED – Invisible wall is present on top of the red vehicle in EXT Vehicle Customs.
  • FIXED – Windows do not have proper collision with drones.
  • FIXED – Destroying the coat rack will leave the hangers suspended in mid-air.
  • FIXED – By going from the prone to standing, players are able to clip through the wall in 2F Kids Room.
  • FIXED – Objects on the wall near the soap apartments float in mid-air if the whole wall is destroyed.
  • FIXED – Small gap between reinforced walls in 2F Upper Hallway allows bullets and gadgets to pass through.
  • FIXED – Vaulting over a Deployable Shield in the garage allows players to enter the boat.
  • FIXED – When reinforced, there is a gap between the walls at 2F Workshop, which allows bullets to pass through.

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