EA has new rules for Youtubers and streamers

EA has revealed some new disclosure rules they have for both Youtubers and streamers in respect to paid content.


EA insignias

Announced in a blog post by EA Germany, the new rules have to do with advertisements that EA has paid Youtubers and streamers for, and other things that they may do that EA supporting.

Essentially, if EA has directly paid and worked with the Youtuber or streamer for an advertisement, meaning EA had something directly to do with the content, the Youtuber must display the “Advertisement” insignia above, along with #advertisement.

If EA didn’t directly have anything to do with the content created, but instead supported the Youtuber or streamer say, on a trip to E3, paying for travel expenses or something, then the Youtuber or stream has to display the “Supported by” insignia, and the hashtag #supportedbyEA.

Furthermore, EA specifically asked that the Youtubers and streamers explicitly say the nature of their relationship with EA in the content they create.

This is actually good progress on rules, as fans of the content creators should have the right to know if what they’re watching has been paid for by EA.

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