Minecraft: Exploration Update is here

The Minecraft: Exploration Update, or Update 1.11 is now live on both PC and Mac, and includes some new villagers, and llamas!



For those of you who still play Minecraft, you’ve been looking forward to this update, know as the Exploration Update. Here’s what it includes:

The Cartographer: A new villager that will sell you a map of treasure spots for emeralds. These maps can point you to places like Ocean Monuments, which will have Guardians defending it, while other maps may point you to Woodland Mansions inhabited by creepy Villagers called the “Illagers.”

Illagers: Illagers are capable of casting spells to keep you away from their home, and can even conjure enemies known as “Vexes.” Other various obstacles and traps are placed in the mansion by the Illagers to deter you from entering, but should you best them, you are rewarded with some grand.

The Totem of Undying: The Totem of Undying is a totem that, when in the possession of the player, allows the player to go about any danger without fear of death.

Llamas: Llamas are now in Minecraft! Players can use llamas to transport goods. They will form a caravan to travel long distances. And don’t think that they are defenseless, should they encounter danger, the llamas will spit out a barrage of spitballs at enemies.

Shulker Box: The final addition in the update is the Shulker Box, a chest that, when knocked down, still retains its inventory.


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