It looks like Zelda: Breath of the Wild won’t be a Nintendo Switch launch title

It looks like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will not be a launch title for the upcoming console/handheld hybrid from Nintendo, the Switch.


I can feel my triforce tattoo pulsating with excitement

So far, no release date for the game has been announced, other than just “2017.” Since the game received a delay this past year, it has been expected that the game would end up being a release title with the Nintendo Switch.

According to Nintendo insider Emily Rogers (thanks VG247), the game will not make the Switch’s March release date due to more localization needed.

According to Rogers:

Based on what I’ve heard, I have no reason to believe that Breath of the Wild will be a March title. There’s a much higher chance of Breath of the Wild being a summer 2017 game.

She then goes on to say in her report that a source told her that it is “a very ambitious game, maybe even too much.”

Also, the game’s difficulty is harder than what people played at E3. As developers sometimes do, Nintendo turned down the difficulty so that journalists could have fun exploring the game at the con.

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