Super Mario Run launch date and price announced

Both the launch date and price of the upcoming mobile game, Super Mario Run, have finally been announced, after the game received its initial announcement at the iPhone 7 Apple Event this past September.

Super Mario Run is Mario’s first foray into mobile gaming, and fans have been pretty excited for it after it was released with great hype during Apple’s iPhone 7 event this past September. Apple even went so far as to have Shigeru Miyamoto himself announce the game on stage.

The game is a continuous runner where the player has to tap to jump over obstacles, avoid enemies, gather coins and, per typical Mario fashion, reach the flagpole at the end of the level.

The game itself will be free, however, that limits users to only have access to some of the game’s three game modes. A one-time payment of $9.99 provides players with unlimited access to the entire game, with no worry for future microtransactions.

The absence of microtransactions was heavily stressed by Miyamoto, as it was obvious that he knew our frustration with that aspect of mobile gaming.

The game will launch on December 15 for iPhone and iPad.

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