Some last minute info on Pokémon Sun and Moon

We now know the final evolutions and Z-moves for the starters in Pokémon Sun and Moon, as well as some more old friends that will be returning in Alolan form.

First of all, the final evolutions of the starters-

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Rowlet becomes a ghost and grass-type named Decidueye, an archer.

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Litten evolves into the fire and dark-type Incineroar, with obvious wrestling motifs.


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Popplio will evolve into Primarina, a water and fairy-type Pokemon that sings.

We also learned the Z-moves for those Pokémon.

Decidueye’s Z-move is called “Sinister Arrow Raid”, Inceneroar uses the “Malicious Moonsault attack”, and Primarina has “Oceanic Operetta”.

We also get to see the return of some old friends in their new Alolan forms


Alolan Diglett

Alolan Diglett (Ground/Steel)-

Diglett in the Alola region live near volcanic areas, so they have few places to hide themselves away. Their tunneling activity plows the land, creating cultivated soil that’s great for agriculture. Because of this, many people in the Alola region are grateful for the presence of Diglett.

The hairlike growths sprouting from Diglett’s head are metallic whiskers. It’s said they developed these stiff yet flexible whiskers in order to survive in the hostile volcanic environment. The whiskers provide a sensory function, enabling Alolan Diglett to scan the surrounding area without exposing their faces aboveground.

Their current emotional state is revealed by their whiskers. When their whiskers stand straight up, they’re angry. Whiskers that wave are a sign that the Pokémon is on alert. When they swing their whiskers around, they’re in a good mood, and when their whiskers droop, they’re feeling lonely or downhearted.

Alolan Diglett can have the Tangling Hair Ability, which is a new Ability that no other Pokémon has previously had. With the Tangling Hair Ability, opponents that hit Alolan Diglett with a move that makes direct contact will have their Speed lowered by 1.


Alolan Dugtrio

Alolan Dugtrio (Ground/Steel)-

In the Alola region, Dugtrio is revered as an incarnation of the god of the land, and it’s treated with great importance. This is why the people of Alola fall to their knees and bow deeply whenever they come across an Alolan Dugtrio that has poked its faces out of its burrow.

Alolan Dugtrio’s whiskers shine with a brilliance akin to golden hair. The whiskers are flexible, just like Diglett’s, but hard and strong. They continue to grow throughout an Alolan Dugtrio’s life, although at a very slow rate. Removing Alolan Dugtrio whiskers from the Alola region is prohibited. It’s said that those who take them receive divine punishment. Every year, many tourists come back, apparently to return whiskers they had taken.

There is a superstitious belief that many Alolan Dugtrio come out of their holes on a day when a volcano will erupt. Older residents of Alola will flee immediately at the sight. It’s thought that Alolan Dugtrio, which live beneath the ground’s surface, detect movements in the ground that indicate an impending eruption and are so alarmed that they come aboveground.

Who would have ever thought that we would look at Dugtrio as an “incarnation” of a god. My oh my how things change.

Pokémon Sun and Moon launches on November 18.

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