Free-to-play Total War: ARENA published by Wargaming Alliance

Total War: ARENA has a new publisher. The upcoming free-to-play strategy game blends real-time strategy with MOBA gameplay, and it’s the first game to be released under the brand new Wargaming Alliance label.

Shiny new logos!

Shiny new logos!

The team at Wargaming pride themselves on bringing great games to the world – and now they’ve found a new way to do that. Wargaming Alliance is designed to provide publishers and developers with the tools to enter the free-to-play market, with the added bonus of accessing Wargaming’s 100 million+ subscriber base.

It’s only fitting that Total War: ARENA should be the first – it’s already breaking new ground as the first free-to-play title in the long-running SEGA franchise. The game will feature 10v10 player battles, mixes deep tactical, strategic elements with some massive battles. Don’t worry though – it’s still coming from long-time series developer Creative Assembly, just taking a different approach this time.

Jurgen Post, President and COO at SEGA Europe explains the company is “constantly exploring” ways to help bring games to a wider audience.

This strategic partnership with Wargaming, to release Total War: ARENA as the first game on the Wargaming Alliance platform, presents a unique opportunity for Creative Assembly’s eagerly anticipated creation to realize its full potential. Working with Wargaming, a market leader in the free-to-play space, and by utilizing their extensive experience and expertise in this area, SEGA is confident that Total War: ARENA will become the worldwide hit it deserves to be.

Tim Heaton, Studio Director at Creative Assembly agrees, describing the free-to-play market as “an exciting new opportunity” for the franchise.

The partnership with Wargaming Alliance is a perfect match of proven strategy gaming brands. We are excited to collaborate with the creators of the globally successful World of Tanks in bringing Total War: ARENA to gamers.

So that’s the good news. The less good news? We don’t have a timeframe for Total War: ARENA just yet, and the game has been removed from Steam. Here’s hoping it’s back real soon now – with new publisher Wargaming Alliance in prime position.

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