Nintendo Switch to be priced at £200 for basic unit, £250 for premium

A recent report has outlined the price of the Nintendo Switch by UK retailer GAME, revealing that there will be two different versions.


Nintendo Switch

The price of the basic unit will be £200, while a premium unit, including more storage space and a game, will run you £250.

This comes via Let’sPlayVideoGames, who have heard this from two reputable sources.

Furthermore, the Switch Pro Controllers will run you about £40.

Converting this to USD puts players at $250 for the basic unit, and $311 for the premium unit, plus $50 for the Pro Controllers.

This is based purely off of conversions, not insider information, so we could see some variances between prices, and possibly even variances in what exactly the systems will contain in different regions.

Of course, we still have much to learn about the upcoming console/handheld hybrid from Nintendo, ahead of its March 2017 release.


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