Skyrim: Special Edition gets slightly worse performance on PS4 Pro than PS4

Skyrim: Special Edition’s native 4K resolution results in the game actually getting worse performance on PS4 Pro than on PS4, surprisingly enough.


Skyrim: Special Edition

A Digital Foundry analysis reveals this interesting bit of information.

The display mode matches well to the PC Ultra setting, as far as strict image quality goes, but it suffers occasionally in terms of FPS:

Sony emphasizes that games running on PS4 Pro must have frame-rates that are better than or equal to the game running on the standard PS4 console. However, that’s not the case with Skyrim, where the increase in resolution can lead to a visible drop in performance in scenes where the GPU is pushed more heavily.

For example, scenes that feature use of alpha-heavy effects cause frame-rates to deviate from the desired 30fps target. In like-for-like situations, the PS4 Pro game sees a 2-3fps deficit, resulting in more noticeable stutter compared to the title running on the standard PS4 console. The base PS4 performance isn’t impacted to the same degree, with only a few 1-3fps drops cropping up on occasion across a general run of play.

I would say that this isn’t necessarily a HUGE deal, but it is interesting to see that there is still a bit to figure out as far as the PS4 Pro goes.

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