Microsoft blames Activision for the Windows 10 CoD: Infinite Warfare farce – refunds players

Microsoft has blamed Activision for screwing up Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s launch on Windows 10, and is happily refunding customers.


The PC launch suffered due to Activision’s incompetence

If you haven’t heard, players who bought Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare on PC via the Windows 10 store were only able to play with others who did the same. In other words, not all PC players were playing together.

This created a barren landscape for those who played on Windows 10. Since they couldn’t play with the Steam players, they were left with a very, very small pool of people to play with, and many have gotten angry.

However, Microsoft has said that they realize that this is a problem, and they were all for cross-play between Steam and Windows 10, but Activision were the ones who weren’t up for it.

So, if you bought the game on Windows 10 and want a refund so you can go buy it on Steam, you can do so, no worries.

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