YouTube has added HDR support

YouTube has now added support for High Dynamic Range, or HDR, so if you have an HDR-compatible monitor, enjoy all the contrast!


Gotta love comparison shots

High Dynamic Range has heavily been in the spotlight recently due to the PS4 update that enabled every PS4 to be HDR compatible.

Now, YouTube has added HDR compatibility. Also added in the Google sphere were other HDR-enabled devices like the Chromecast Ultra.

All 2016 Samsung SUHD and UHD TVs also have the app built-in. YouTube has also already announced an HDR player will come to PS4 soon.

Anyone can upload videos in HDR, but in order to get the ball rolling, YouTube has partnered with some of their famous creators in order to get some HDR content out there. They have also said that they want uploading in HDR to be as easy as SDR.

If you don’t have an HDR monitor, you need not fear, you won’t have to tick off any settings.

From a tech standpoint, watch out for HDR. It’ll be here in full force before you know it.

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