Mafia 3’s free Golden Gun DLC is available now

Mafia 3 has been out for about a month, and now you can get your hands on the free Golden Gun DLC that they promised would come.


The guns you’ll get with the pack

Those who pre-ordered the game were able to already get the guns, but now they are available to everyone.

The DLC is part of the game’s “free recurring content” which will include things like outfits, race entries, vehicle gear and more.

The Gold Gun DLC is called  The Judge, Jury, and Executioner gold weapons pack, and it will get you The Praecisione 30. caliber rifle, the Exterminatore shotgun, and the Silentum pistol.

Not all of the DLC for Mafia 3 is going to be free, but there is much more to come, so be sure to pay attention so that you don’t miss any new items or entries to get more money!


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