The Division’s Survival and update 1.5 launches on the PTS today

If you’re a fan of The Division on PC, you can hop on the Public Test Server to test out the Survival and 1.5 updates today.


The Division

Survival pits players against a blizzard, and your goal? You guessed it: Survive.

You must have a season pass to access the Survival content, and you must have bought it before November 3 to get on to the PTS.

Here’s a list of everything that is coming, courtesy of Reddit:

  • 2 game modes PvP Survival OR PvE Survival – Groups can meet on the map and help each other but not kill each other in PvE mode
  • 24 players on the LZ map
  • WHEN YOU DIE ==> GAME OVER! (you can be revived from the downed state)
  • hunger, cold mechanics
  • you are sick and need to extract yourself
  • you start with a pistol only and with no / bad gear
  • clothings have a ‘cold’ rating that protect from the blizzard
  • crafting plays an important role
  • there are ‘hideouts’ – like apartments (those are not safe house)
  • there are crafting benches in the hideouts
  • you need to build a new mask / virus filter when you want to enter the DZ / contaminated zones
  • on the borders of the map the enemies are weaker and get stronger when you move closer to the center of the map
  • No need to be L30 to play Survival – Just need access to the BoO
  • No link to World Tier – every player plays as the same difficulty level (you start with a simple green pistol) and work your way up

Update 1.5 will apparently bring named weapons and gear sets and a new World tier amongst other things.

No release date has been announced for update 1.5.

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